POLRPokemon Online Revolution
POLRPeople for Off-Leash Recreation (dog owners; Mercer Island, WA)
POLRPrivate Oyster Lease Rehabilitation (Department of Wildlife and Fisheries; Louisiana)
POLRPentecostals of Lee Road Community (Covington, LA)
POLRProvider of Last Resort
POLRProportional Odds Logistic Regression (data analysis)
POLRPath of Least Resistance
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Your EDC, which serves as your default supplier or POLR (Provider of Last Resort), takes over if your supplier cannot meet your needs.
Closing on the transaction is conditioned on Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) approval of Duquesne Light's POLR plan, currently anticipated to occur in the summer of 2004, as well as other related regulatory approvals.
Also, POLR and bundled utility rates that penalize customers for switching by imposing extra stranded cost charges, exit fees, and other regulatory fees must be eliminated.
Ohio legislation allows electric customers the free option to switch to lower cost generation providers, either the POLR or alternative electricity generation suppliers.
Depreciation & Amortization - Depreciation & Amortization expenses for third-quarter 2011 were $22 million higher than in the same period last year because of increased amortization of regulatory assets associated with the POLR disallowance in Ohio and overall higher depreciable property balances.
Because the POLR contract between PPL EnergyPlus and PPL Electric Utilities expires at the end of 2009, PPL Electric Utilities will be required to purchase energy supply for customers who do not shop in the competitive market in accordance with a process to be approved by the PUC.
The company contractually purchases a majority of the power necessary to serve POLR customers from affiliate, AE Supply.
The ratings and Stable Outlook of West Penn reflect Fitch's expectation that West Penn's net revenue margin will improve when power purchase costs come into line with generation rates beginning in January 2009, and also that West Penn will receive approval from the Pennsylvania PUC to begin procuring power in an auction process for 2011 POLR load requirements and to allow full recovery of power costs through customer tariffs.
The 2010 forecast incorporates the following key growth elements: -- Significant increases in margins from wholesale electricity sales upon the expiration, at the end of 2009, of PPL EnergyPlus' long-term POLR contract with PPL Electric Utilities.
6% AEP C&I, Mutual Energy SWEPCo, & Tx POLR 111 113 1.
While the residential generation rate cap and associated power supply contract for the Maryland portion of Potomac Ed's service territory terminate at the end of 2008, Potomac Ed retains residential POLR obligations through 2012.
3) Lower Full Requirements Load Service sales during the third quarter of 2006 compared to the 2005 quarter resulted from the loss of the Delaware POLR load contract in April 2006, which was partially offset with new Standard Offer Service (SOS) contracts.