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POLSPolitical Science (course prefix)
POLSPostoperative Length of Stay (various organizations)
POLSPrinciple of Least Surprise (Ruby programming language)
POLSProvisioning On-Line System
POLSPolicy Organization and Leadership Studies (Stanford University)
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Melson likens POL technology (also referred to as a Passive Optical Network, or PON) to a FIOS-type architecture routed throughout a building or enterprise campus, rather than a residential neighborhood.
Sites featuring POL stores include Selsey Road, Edgbaston; Rounds Green, Oldbury; and High Street, Abbots Bromley, Staffordshire.
Some facets of NA for POLs are to ensure these labs utilize an effective communication system, are enrolled in proficiency testing, perform quality control, and employ competent personnel.
The $75,000 grant consists of five interrelated projects, the first of which is a toll-free number for POLS. COLA is also developing topic-specific fact sheets for distribution via FAX or mail and is reviewing CDC training videos to recommend how they can best be adapted and repackaged for POL use.
In chapter 3 Pols outlines what he calls "seven dogmas of the linguistic consensus," for example, the dogma that "knowledge consists of a system of propositions" (p.
Moreover, the requirement that the services be billed by the POL also calls into question whether POLs can provide clinical laboratory services "under arrangement" to hospitals, for which Medicare requires the hospital to bill for the services.
First, according to the phone survey, it was the most common (mode) level of the acceptable error for serum cholesterol used by POLs. Second, this level proved sufficiently sensitive to permit the identification of those factors responsible for laboratory variability.
Seven years later, CLIA's impact on the quality of testing coming out of cytopathology departments is still hotly debated.[2] Criticism of CLIA's effect on POLs, while widespread, has been somewhat muted due in part to the efforts of organizations such as the Commission on Office Laboratory Accreditation (COLA), a nonprofit peer-review accrediting program for POLs.[3] And with the new Republican majority in Congress, there will be growing opposition to many of the CLIA regulations.
In addition, it appears that HCFA has failed to consider the technology available to POLs.
The department is sponsoring a bill in the General Assembly to make regulation of POLs dependent on the types of tests performed rather than on group size.