POLSAPolish Space Agency
POLSAPolice Search Advisor (UK)
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Cleveland Police Search Advisers (PolSAs) go through rigorous training to use specialist techniques in major crime probes - with more than 500 carried out in the past five years.
In addition, Zhengzhou offers a critical case sampling (Miles and Huberman, 1994; Polsa, 2002).
Since their clothes are, in fact, an important symbol of their identity (Bye & McKinney, 2007), they like to wear suitable outfits that meet the aesthetic standards accepted by society, as long as they are fashionable (Holmlund, Hagman & Polsa, 2010).
According to its website, Polsa Rosa is a "movie ranch" where film crews can utilize a variety of terrains as well as two airstrips.
Mel Christie calls in POLSA, the Met's fingertip search team, and machinery arrives to lift the car away to the forensics laboratory.
He meets an old friend, Polsa (excellent amateur Bjorn Starrin), a drug addict living in a small run-down house, where he arranges Stanley Kubrick festivals for his druggie pals and makes porno movies starring himself and the local policeman's wife.
"There were a lot of people involved along with the inshore lifeboat, the police marine unit, tactical support unit and our POLSA, a special police search unit."
Ruusunlehti Oy, Maakuutio Oy, Espoon maastotyo Oy, Maanrakennus Pekka Makinen, Niinikosken Kaivin Rajala Oy and Maanrakennus Polsa.
Growing competition has led Mario Polsa, owner of Butterfly Paradise, to divert most of his efforts to producing handicrafts like mounted, encased butterflies for display on desks or walls.
"On a weekly basis there have been 17 search teams of a ser-geant and six PCs, including eight PoLSA (police search experts) and 10 CSI dogs.