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POMCParents of Murdered Children
POMCPort of Melbourne Corporation (Melbourne, Australia)
POMCNational Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. (since 1978; Cincinnati, Ohio)
POMCPeace and Order Maintaining Command (Thailand)
POMCParents of Missing Children (various locations)
POMCPagans Outlaw Motorcycle Club
POMCPick Off Mirror Cover
POMCPetty Officer Management Course (Royal Australian Navy)
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Rhythm recently initiated a Phase 3 clinical trial of setmelanotide in POMC deficiency obesity.
Our results showed that NPY and AgRP expressions in short photoperiod group were higher than that of long photoperiod group, POMC and CART expressions in short photoperiod group were lower than that in long photoperiod group, but NPY, AgRP, POMC and CART expressions had no significant differences between two groups, indicating that photoperiod is not sufficient to cause hypothalamic neuropeptide genes expressions changes.
This part of the stress response also is regulated by BEP produced from POMC in the hypothalamus, which not only modulates CRH release but also can help decrease the stress response and return the body to a state of homeostasis.
Our data demonstrated that i) Peripheral insulin injection dose not significantly affect the feed intake of chicks; ii) Peripheral insulin treatment dose not significantly alter the hypothalamic INSR and appetite-related genes expression of NPY, POMC, and CRH.
Evaluation of MC4R [rs17782313, rs17700633], AGRP [rs3412352] and POMC [rs1042571] Polymorphisms with Obesity in Northern India.
Further study revealed that cannibinoids, the active agent in marijuana, can change what kind of chemical the POMC neurons release.
Ademas, la grelina suprime la actividad de las neuronas productoras de POMC, un estimulante de la saciedad.
For example, leptin has protective effects on the offspring against later obesity through changes in promoter methylation of the hypothalamic POMC gene.
Diano said that when they blocked PPARgamma in these hypothalamic cells, they found an increased level of free radical formation in POMC neurons, and they were more active.
La mayoria de los polimorfismos asociados con TCA, en el gen POMC se encuentran en el fragmento 16q; aunque no se sabe cual es la funcion, se ha propuesto que la insercion de 9 pares de bases del gen POMC esta asociada con obesidad, aunque tambien se han identificado 10 variantes entre mutaciones y polimorfismos, incluyendo tres inserciones de 6, 9 y 18 pares de bases respectivamente (13).
Pars intermedia of the human pituitary revisited: Morphologic aspects and frequency of hyperplasia of POMC peptide immunoreactive cells.