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POMCPagans Outlaw Motorcycle Club
POMCPick Off Mirror Cover
POMCPetty Officer Management Course (Royal Australian Navy)
POMCParents of Missing Children (various locations)
POMCParents of Murdered Children
POMCNational Organization of Parents Of Murdered Children, Inc. (since 1978; Cincinnati, Ohio)
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Koch was surprised to find that instead of the POMCs being turned off in the mice, the neurons appeared to be turned on even more.
SNPs of POMC and NPY genes were detected by DNA direct sequencing in 20 individuals that were randomly selected from each rabbit breed.
In our study we showed that what actually prevents the production of more alpha-MSH peptide is that ER stress was decreasing the biosynthesis of POMC by affecting one key enzyme that is essential for the formation of alpha-MSH," Nillni said.
Leptin activates anorexigenic POMC neurons through a neural network in the arcuate nucleus.
The coding sequences of both POMC and MC4R were amplified with primers chosen by the PRIMER 3 program (http://frodo.
POMC is processed in adenohypophysis into ACTH, and in intermediate pituitary lobe into [beta]-endorphin ([beta]E).
Melanoma cells actually express the POMC gene and produce ACTH, MSH, and [beta]-endorphin peptides.
It is known that in addition to MSH, related compounds derived from POMC, such as ACTH, LPH, B-endorphin and others, may stimulate the darkening of melanophores.
The cascade then progresses to the release of CRF into anterior pituitary paths, and stimulation of POMC, ACTH, NE and EPI.
For this reason, POMC has a Parole Block Program, whereby, at the request of family members, petitions are circulated across the country to stop the parole or early release of murderers.
A POMC support group meets monthly in the San Fernando Valley and is led by survivors for survivors.