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POMESPractice Outcomes Monitoring and Evaluation System (National Cancer Institute)
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I despres desaparegue: i jo vaig aplegar les pomes i les vaig mossegar, i les vaig llencar al fossar, tot dient, "Vine".
(7.) Camporese A, Tizianel G, Bruschetta G, Cruciatti B, Pomes A.
However, upon closer observation, one sees a group of "fellow colonials" that have adopted many American systems and are quick to point out that they should not be mistaken for "whinging POMEs" (Prisoners of Mother England).
Directed, written by David Pomes. Camera (color, Super 16), Brad Rushing; editor, Brann Edgens; music, Scott Szabo, the Rockabilly Orchestra; music supervisor; Randall Jamail; production designer, James Fowler; set decorators, Shayla Jacobs; Ruel "Roosta" Hill, Leila Lister; sound, Scott Szabo; assistant director, Ra-Ana Gilani.
For the discharge for Parliament itself, the plenary adopted a report by Jose Javier Pomes Ruiz (EPP-ED, Spain) by a vote of 597 to 50 (with 40 abstentions).
The fruits or pomes of this group consist of five capsules (called "cores") in a fleshy endocarp of the ovary.
They're both pomes, after all, cousins within the family Rosaceae.
Javier Ruis Pomes, chief observer of the European Union, told reporters that lack of political education might be the reason behind the apparent decrease, but stressed it was too soon to gauge the level of voter participation.
''By peacefully choosing their new president, the Timorese people have taken a determined step toward democratic institutions,'' Javier Pomes Ruiz, chief observer of the EU Election Observation Mission, told a press conference.
Several lines of experimental evidence support this hypothesis (Figure 1) (Pomes et al.
press like Doug Holder never returned my pomes or gave me even a form