POMFPolaris Missile Facility
POMFPhase-Only Matched Filtering (imaging)
POMFPolice Officers Memorial Foundation of Texas (San Antonio, TX, USA)
POMFPotential of Mean Force (chemistry)
POMFPeace Officers' Memorial Foundation (Texas)
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5,000 [pounds sterling]- 8,000 [pounds sterling] Decline and Fall 4,000 [pounds sterling]- 6,000 [pounds sterling] Vile Bodies 2,000 [pounds sterling]- 4,000 [pounds sterling] The Loved One 600 [pounds sterling]- 900 [pounds sterling] Helena 1,000 [pounds sterling]- 2,000 [pounds sterling] Officers and Gentlemen 1,000 [pounds sterling]- 2,000 [pounds sterling] The Ordeal of 800 [pounds sterling]- Gilbert Pinfold 1,200 [pounds sterling] Unconditional Surrender 1,000 [pounds sterling]- 2,000 [pounds sterling] A Little Learning 800 [pounds sterling]- 1,200 [pounds sterling] Four books 400 [pounds sterling]- 800 [pounds sterling] (Labels, Handful, POMF, Brideshead) Three books 400 [pounds sterling]- (including Scott-King) 800 [pounds sterling] Title Sold P.
2007), el POMF contempla una superficie anual de aprovechamiento entre 3.
As gay men, Berkeley, Britten, and others were often the objects of prejudice, like Ambrose Silk in POMF, and they tried to support each other, perhaps contributing to the homosexual intrigues in Sword of Honour.