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POMIPeace of Mind Insurance
POMIPhiladelphia Orchestra Media Institute (est. 1998; Philadelphia, PA)
POMIPipe Organ MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) Interface
POMIPlans Operations Military Intelligence
POMIPrinciple of Measurement International
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Segundo Pomi (2010) "O indicador de demissoes por iniciativa da empresa reflete o nivel de reestruturacao ou de reducao de efetivo de uma empresa".
Una dintre masurile care-i vizau direct pe invatatori a fost aceea de a da in arenda pamanturile scolilor chiar acestora, cu un pret al arendei mult micsorat "pentru acei invatatori cari vor face pe lotul lor cultura sistematica sau cari vor lucra pentru introducerea si raspandirea de culturi noi, utile pentru sateni, sau cari vor sti sa invete pe scolarii lor metode mai bune de cultura" (28), iar Casa scoalelor avea obligatia de a "procura invatatorilor seminte alese, pomi si arbori pentru plantatiuni, fie din fermele si pepinierele statului, fie altfel" (29).
In Italy, he states, they were called pomi d'oro (golden apple).
Buonarroti composed an ode in honor of Galileo's discovery, "Quando 'l custode degli aurati pomi," which the scientist transcribed in his own hand and then warmly thanked him for on 16 October 1610:
A sense of relief came over me, relief that a Chickasaw was here, that in this Native space was a small place for our Chickasaw people, Chi ka sha ahliha ha pomi. In this great house we, too, have a home.
"Red Gold canned tomatoes can be found at many groceries, or you may buy Pomi tomatoes at Jackson's Everyday Gourmet."
On that problem oriented mathematics instruction (POMI) can be characterized as very high complex particularly regarding to mathematical-cognitive aspects.
I suoi seni, sotto le tuniche rosse, risaltano come "pomi" "sormontati da veri rubini" (148).
The earliest mention of tomatoes in Italy was in 1544, when an Italian writer described tomatoes (pomi d'oro, or golden apple) in use with oil, salt, and pepper.
The Finnish PC maker Pohjanmaan Mikro (Pomi) had a good year, increasing its sales figures considerably compared to 2000.
Even more specifically, it makes explicit the mystic theological underpinning of the Tree-Cross/Fruit-Christ symbolism: the Tree provides the fruit which, through the offence of Adam and Eve's disobedience to God in eating it (de parentis protoplasti fraude), precipitated Man into death (quando pomi noxialis morte morsu conruit); but the Creator in his compassion (condolens) then marked out the same Tree that it should wipe out the condemnation attaching to the Tree as a result of the Fall (factor .