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POMOPolulle Oman Mentorin Ohjauksessa (Finnish prison program)
POMOPrimary Open Market Operation (finance)
POMOPost Modernist
POMOPermanent Open Market Operation (banking)
POMOPosition Of Maximum Opportunity
POMOProduction Oriented Maintenance Organization
POMOPoint of Maximum Opportunity
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La imagen muestra que el cuerpo del soberano fue embalsamado y enterrado con sus correspondientes insignias--vestimenta, corona, espada y el orbe-; este ultimo, descrito por el propio Daniele como "il pomo o globo di metallo, mancante pero della sua croce; e trovossi pieno di terra" (20), parece haber caido rodando junto a la cabeza del difunto.
Michelle dejo de ser Michelle, ahora era Frida Ixtab, la nueva diosa del cine pomo ("el porno era el infierno donde ardian los suenos americanos") grabaron algunos filmes, el mas conocido Cocabduced, el cual los lanzo al estrellato, a tales grados que fueron invitados a una afamada convencion que tenia lugar en Las Vegas.
Further, because Pomo PMs do not insist on standardization to the degree Modern PMs do, they spend much less time producing the voluminous, detailed documentation that Modern PMs require to ensure precise repeatability, and much more time on actually doing things (perhaps recognizing that documentation and user guides are historically ignored and unread).
Grace and John Hudson left a record of a particular point in time," says museum director Sherrie Smith-Ferri--herself a Pomo Indian.
Historical consciousness is critical in this work, which portrays twentieth century disruption in Pomo culture, the damaging impact on community integrity of Mormon missionaries, the loss of native villages and traditions, and the continuation, in changing forms, of other traditions such as the Strawberry Festival.
Hudson hired Pomo Indian mothers to do housework in order to get the chance to make portraits of their children; she would find some way to distract the mothers, then surreptitiously paint the children.
There are, however, problems, for pomo enthusiasts as well as debates.
Using a direct-historical approach, the work documents the culture persistence and change of the Kashaya Pomo of the Fort Ross region.
It's also, as we shall see, ineluctably pomo (postmodern).
In addition to the Lytton Band, Schwarzenegger reached agreements with the Buena Vista Rancheria of Me-Wuk Indians in Amador County, the Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians near the state's northern coast, the Ewiiaapaayp Band of Kumeyaay Indians near San Diego and the Fort Mojave Indian Tribe near Needles in San Bernardino County.
Pynchon meets The Partridge Family in this book, and the consequence is a funny, frenzied, fresh investigation, frequently replete with strobe-light prose and great one-liners ("I am not here to judge, but to surf"), of our pomo lives as bad scripts written by unknowable others.
Finally, Josie's Cabaret opened, and put on the first production by the Pomo Afro Homos.