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POMOPolulle Oman Mentorin Ohjauksessa (Finnish prison program)
POMOPrimary Open Market Operation (finance)
POMOPost Modernist
POMOPermanent Open Market Operation (banking)
POMOPosition Of Maximum Opportunity
POMOProduction Oriented Maintenance Organization
POMOPoint of Maximum Opportunity
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Further, because Pomo PMs do not insist on standardization to the degree Modern PMs do, they spend much less time producing the voluminous, detailed documentation that Modern PMs require to ensure precise repeatability, and much more time on actually doing things (perhaps recognizing that documentation and user guides are historically ignored and unread).
Grace and John Hudson left a record of a particular point in time," says museum director Sherrie Smith-Ferri--herself a Pomo Indian.
We Pomo people know very well that Contra Costa County is not within our aboriginal territory.
Pynchon meets The Partridge Family in this book, and the consequence is a funny, frenzied, fresh investigation, frequently replete with strobe-light prose and great one-liners ("I am not here to judge, but to surf"), of our pomo lives as bad scripts written by unknowable others.
On their tour, the Pomos have caused considerable controversy, most notably in Alaska, where the Anchorage city council attempted to ban advertisements for Fierce Love from city buses.
Look in the park brochure for a key that explains how the Pomo Indians used local plants such as ones seen along the 1/4-mile Indian Nature Trail.
Over some 40 years, they amassed an impressive collection ofbaskets and other artifacts, and Grace Hudson painted hundreds of oil portraits of the Pomo people.
Saturday, March 18, with competitive runs / walk and a fun walk along the ocean in the newly created Pomo Bluff Park in Fort Bragg.
I so liked that bit about revolting local citizens that I read on--only to be disappointed to find that, among the yadda yadda, Segal is under the quaint impression that PoMo is still in the ascendancy.
mingle with the hot yo ung things of 1997 in the pages of Matthew Collings's art-world tourist guides, and this year's Turner Prize candidate Glenn Brown pays his PoMo respects to Frank Auerbach in photo-surrealist renditions of his senior's emotionally fraught and manually labored portrait heads.
Guerrero, who is of the Northern Arapaho tribe, received a $1,000 Casino Morango scholarship and a $250 award from the Hopland Band of Pomo Indians.
For thousand of years, this coastal bluff was home for Kashia Pomo Indians.