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POMOPost Modernist
POMOPosition Of Maximum Opportunity
POMOPoint of Maximum Opportunity
POMOProduction Oriented Maintenance Organization
POMOPermanent Open Market Operation (banking)
POMOPolulle Oman Mentorin Ohjauksessa (Finnish prison program)
POMOPrimary Open Market Operation (finance)
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Pomo: The default answer to a waiver request is "Yes." The burden of proof is on the person rejecting the waiver.
I have listened to this tape several times and each time have learned about new aspects of PoMo. However, there are some parts of this multimedia presentation that are in questionable or poor taste.
Russell painted the cowboys of the frontier West, Grace Carpenter Hudson painted portraits of the Pomo Indians in Ukiah, California.
His style is certainly PoMo (and entertainingly so).
I had stacks of information, early government census rolls on California Indians, endless ethnographic data on the Pomo and Southwestern Wintun Indians, several interviews with the museum curators and basket specialists who had known Mabel over the years, articles and newspaper clippings" (155).
"Transgressing the Boundaries: Toward a Transformative Hermeneutics of Quantum Gravity" is a hilarious compilation of pomo gibberish, studded with worshipful quotations from all the trendy thinkers--Derrida, Lacan, Lyotard, Irigaray, Social Text board member Stanley Aronowitz (cited thirteen times) and issue editor Andrew Ross (four times).
Hudson grew up in the white settler culture that displaced Pomo villages in Northern California.
Postmodernism (which I shorten to pomo) is short, punchy and appears to be on the edge of the intellectual frontier.
A 19th -- northern Pomo -- succumbed 3 weeks ago, with the death of its last speaker.
This it does well, with chapters on specific research objectives; a discussion of native laborers in a multi-ethnic community; a description of the natural environment; an archaeological overview and an analysis; and a diachronic perspective of the Kashaya Pomo from ethnohistoric observations, ethnographic texts and Kashaya oral traditions.