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POMPPerformance Outcomes Measures Project (US AoA)
POMPPervasive Object Model Project (computing)
POMPPrincipal Outer Membrane Protein (molecular biology)
POMPPoint of Maximum Potential
POMPPrivate Ownership and Management Program (New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development)
POMPPeace of Mind Project (the Alliance on Mental Illness)
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For example, coming by the house of a country gentleman, as Father Simon called him, about ten leagues off the city of Nankin, we had first of all the honour to ride with the master of the house about two miles; the state he rode in was a perfect Don Quixotism, being a mixture of pomp and poverty.
Leaving the poor wretch to please himself with our looking at him, as if we admired his idle pomp, we pursued our journey.
The farce then closed, to be repeated again with every change of the watches, and embellished with new and still more extravagant inventions of pomp and conversation.
Moved by a common impulse, they rose to their feet and fled from POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE.
It was ye, ye wisest ones, who put such guests in this boat, and gave them pomp and proud names--ye and your ruling Will!
A second hearse, decked with the same funereal pomp, was brought to M.
There, after a few days, if you like, the civil marriage shall be celebrated without pomp or ceremony.
26 ( ANI ): The 69th Republic Day was celebrated with pomp and gaiety here on Friday despite the militants' call for the boycott of the celebrations.
George's Chapel is well used to pomp and pageantry, but on a rather small scale.
Come and experience the pomp and pageantry that is the Birmingham International Tattoo.
In endorsing the Executive Committee's approach on factor weighting, Pomp explained that the "proposal to allow states to define the factor weighting fraction is a concession to reality" and that "[Ole recommendation of double weighting is unlikely to have much effect.
The Pomp Home sales staff is well schooled on current decorating techniques and carries an impressive range of modern home furnishings designed to fit California's cutting-edge lifestyle.