POMTOCPort of Miami Terminal Operating Company, LLC (Miami, Florida)
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The deployment of GateVision further leverages the benefits of other Tideworks products that POMTOC has been using successfully since 2003, including Tideworks' Mainsail Terminal Management System[R], Spinnaker Planning Management System[R], and Forecast[TM].
The installation of GateVision gives us the opportunity to make truly significant improvements in gate processing efficiency and speed by enabling staff to easily collect container numbers, license plates, and other vital pieces of information that are key to maintaining the highest levels of security," said John Ballestero, general manager, POMTOC.
The deployment of GateVision at the new gate facility at POMTOC was a natural step to ensuring that overall safety and efficiency is continually improved.
POMTOC reviewed proposals from Tideworks and three other terminal operating system vendors as part of an open RFP process.
The implementation of Mainsail and Spinnaker will enable a more seamless interface between POMTOC and its stevedores by improving the processing speed and ease of use for all workers accessing the system.
The applications will be integrated with the existing POMTOC accounting system.