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PONParticulate Organic Nitrogen
PONPump Octane Number
PONPlane of Nightmare (Everquest game)
PONPacific Online, Inc. (Santa Rosa, California)
PONPayload Operations Network
PONPeriodical Operating Notice
PONProvincial Offence Notice (Canada)
PONPlus Over Normal (marketing/promotion)
PONProcurement Operations Notice
PONPrimary Olfactory Neuron
PONParaffins, Olefins and Naphthenes (biofuel products)
PONPassive Optical Network
PONProject Order Number
PONPurchase Order Number (Sprint)
PONPolish Owczarek Nizinny (Polish Lowland Sheepdog)
PONPetroleum Operations Notice (DTI UK government Department of Trade & Industry)
PONPath of Neo (game)
PONPort Out Number (telephone porting)
PONProgramma Operativo Nazionale (Italian: National Operational Program)
PONPanel of Neutrals (International Trademark Association)
PONProgram Opportunity Notice
PONProgram on Negotiation
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In another PtP GE private line field trial with another Chinese operator, the WDM PON system is deployed to serve SMBs in an industrial park.
This can be realised by combining the TDM PON layer with the WDM PON technology, thus increasing the capacity of the TDM PON.
Shipments of total PON OLT port market will continue to decline unless there are major GPON network builds in India, Indonesia, Brazil and/or Russia.
Recent science has also suggested that increases in PON I activity may aid in the prevention of macular degeneration, rheumatoid arthritis, cataracts, diabetes and irritable bowel syndrome.
As a result, service providers consider PONs to be an economical and reliable solution for bringing digital video programming and high-speed Internet access over "the last mile" into homes and offices.
Commenting on the report, an analyst from TechNavio's Telecom team said, The Passive Optical Network (PON) Equipment market in the APAC region is growing at a much higher rate than the Global PON Equipment market.
Huawei launched the TDM PON combo solution (based on the WDM PON combo solution) in June 2017.
Single-wavelength 25G PON adapts fixed wavelengths that can be easily implemented.
This report provides an overview of the market drivers for 10G PON along with the initial cost analysis for 10G PON equipment.
Also, the Flex-PON solution integrates XG-PON, XGS-PON and 40G PON, achieving smooth evolution from 10G PON to 40G PON.
Explains the connection to next-generation FTTH PON and P2P migration.
Launched in 2015, Nokia's universal PON solution leverages existing fiber platforms and infrastructure to help operators evolve networks in a gradual way, adding wavelengths in line with demand.