PONCpost-otic neural crest
PONCPosition Orientated Navigation Code (Ireland alternative to post codes)
PONCPrice of Nonconformance
PONCPrincess of North Carolina (Goldsboro, NC)
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Reliability coefficients and standard errors of the PONC and WEOS scale.
Total quality management in manufacturing and service companies has repeatedly demonstrated a 1:10 to a 1:100 and even greater relationship between the POC and PONC.
Despite these tangible benefits, recouping PONC is not the reason to pursue quality.
If we lose an employee because they think Bama is a rotten place to work, we charge ourselves $5,000 as PONC for every five years the individual was here," Marshall-Chapman said.
PONC needs to be differentiated from traditional costs of doing business, however.
PONC includes retests and expenses that are otherwise avoidable--that is, the price of maintaining quality when things go wrong.
The two lists were condensed into 11 categories each and ranked according to the percentage of the total POC and PONC represented by each item.
After implementing changes that resulted in a saving on unnecessary phone calls, PONC dropped to 22.
When a problem is discovered, a PONC form we devised helps establish a cost formula and total outlay for the item under investigation (Figure III).
If you find the source of the problem is inadequate information, the cost to redo the analysis is PONC.