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PONIProject on Nuclear Issues
PONIPrice of Noninvestment
PONIParallel Optical Network Interconnect (consortium)
PONIPolice Ombudsman for Northern Ireland (Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK)
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And then there was withered old poni Aniele--who was a widow, and had three children, and the rheumatism besides, and did washing for the tradespeople on Halsted Street at prices it would break your heart to hear named.
He remains determined to assist PONI and any other inquiry arising.
Thus, the "razasesti" and "mosnenesti" villages, true social Romanian phenomenon of mass including from the beginning of the eighteenth century, are located not only in mountain regions but also those of hill or plain, given that, for example, the statistical research of Petru Poni, mentioned above, which reveals a veritable mobility tendency of the free peasants within the territory of the Carpathians and Danube (Poni, 1921).
Labeled primers and probes for the PONI Q192R genotyping assay were designed, manufactured, and validated by Applied Biosystems.
There is also evidence that PONI distributions differ across racial groups (Davis et al.
Nasdaq: ERTS) today confirmed a standout selection of international acts to be featured on the 83 song on-disc soundtrack for the highly anticipated Rock Band(TM)3 music video game, including INXS, Bob Marley, Slipknot, Rammstein, Tokio Hotel, HIM, Poni Hoax and more.
Recent soil surveying and mapping over the larger area indicate the presence of at least two more structures parallel to Nassara shear (respectively, Poni NE and Nassara SW), marked by coincident soil geochemical anomalism and magnetic signatures (See Figure No.
Cazacu (macromolecular chemistry, Petru Poni Institute, Romania) has edited these research papers on functional heterochain polymers for researchers and students in the fields of electronics, optics, nanoscience and environmental protection.
Further studies should be conducted to check the effects of these two loci in the expression pattern of the PONI gene.
Pan oeddwn i'n 11 mlwydd oed rwy'n cofio poeni dad i fynd i fart Llanybydder i brynu poni i mi, ac fe ildiodd yn y pen draw.