PONLP & O Nedlloyd
PONLPennsylvania Organization of Nurse Leaders
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PONl genotype was also associated with maternal race/ethnicity in the study sample.
This merger creates links between Maersk and the conferences and consortia to which only PONL is a member.
Maersk offered to divest PONL's business dealing with the transport of cargo from South Africa to Europe.
Under this latest transaction, Royal Nedlloyd will now acquire the 50% stake held by P&O in PONL, and, to reflect this, the Dutch company will change its name to Royal P&O Nedlloyd.
Mean [+ or -] SD AREase activity, which is considered a measure of PONl levels (quantity), approximately doubled from 33.1 [+ or -] 14.5 U/ml, at birth to 66.5 [+ or -] 30.4 U/mL at 1 year of age and quadrupled (compared with birth) to 121.5 [+ or -] 30.3 U/mL at 7 years of age.
"We used GEE augmentation of linear models to determine the effects of age and genotype on PONl activity in children (Table 3).
Although this phenomenon has not yet been reported in other epidemiologic studies, similar observations in mice have also shown that PONl levels are low at birth and increase significantly with age (Zemke et al.
Consistent with other studies, we found that the Q allele of the [PONl.sub.192] coding polymorphism was associated with decreased POase activities and that the C allele of the [PONl.sub.-108] promoter polymorphism was associated with increased activity in all three PONl measures (Deakin and James 2004; Furlong et al.
Paraoxonase-1 (PONl), an enzyme associated with high-density lipoprotein particles, participates both in the hydrolysis of oxidized lipids (thus protecting against atherosclerosis) and in the hydrolysis of organophosphates.
However, both genotype and phenotype (i.e., overall PONl activity) are important for determining the relationship of PON1 polymorphisms with susceptibilities to disease, sensitivity to organophosphate insecticides, and pharmacokinetic status of drug metabolism (Richter et al.
The single-nucleotide polymorphism at position 192 has been proposed to have a significant effect on PONl hydrolytic activity, xenobiotic metabolism, and the onset of CVD, with the R alloform earlier considered to be associated with vascular disease (Harel et al.
In the present study we determined the [PON1.sub.192] functional genotype distribution (as assessed by DZOase/POase ratios) and PONl enzymatic activities (paraoxon and diazoxon hydrolysis, phenyl acetate hydrolysis) in the serum of 200 African-American and Caucasian southerners.