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PONOPursuit of New Opportunities
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One criticism of the Pono concept is that people already repurchased the same music enough times -- from vinyl to CD to remastered box set to MP3 -- and that they're not going to willing to do so again.
When a person or a situation threatened to became a'ole pono (without pono), the family or community would express disapproval.
Propter quod contined Scriptura: "Ecce pono in Sion lapidem angularem, electrum, pretiosum; et, qui credit in eo, non confundetur".
9) George Parfitt's edition of Jonson's poems cites "Ovid, Ex Pono II.
We introduce ola pono na kapuna, which is a practice model that incorporates cultural and historical markers and resiliency factors to explain the present and future health and social profiles of na kapuna.
This Native presence comes closest to the surface in a highly ambiguous moment that happens over the longest Hawaiian-language phrase in the song: "He inu i ka okolehao, malama pono oe ahahana ehehene.
Sickness (ma'i) was understood as a state of disharmony and lack of pono relations in one or more realms of the lokahi triad.
UPC Wind has pledged $50 million toward Ho'i I Ka Pono, a campaign led by the Moloka'i Community Service Council (MCSC) to purchase all of the lands now owned by Molokai Properties Limited (Molokai Ranch).
Neighbors Melia Asucan, left, Pono Rubidella and Lin Hom hit Pershing Square.
Beth, the UK's number one gymnast and first year BSc Sports Science student at JMU, was up against triple Athens gold medallist, Catalina Pono, in Birmingham.
12) Taciau as n o r i u paklausti pono Jurseno 'Nevertheless I wish to ask Mr Jursenas .
Bella indico, pacem, inducias, societares, scita, leges pono .