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PONTIFEXPlanning Of Non-specific Transportation by an Intelligent Fleet Expert
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The connections Ovid forges between Caesar, his identity as Pontifex Maximus, his transfer to Iovis atria (703) on the Ides of March, serve to enhance the picture of the dynastic auctor and calendar founder and incipient god, first conceived in the proem to the month and remembered on 6 March.
England took full advantage, reducing the deficit when Simon Mantell appeared to flick home a Richard Mantell ball into the box, then equalising when Mantell completed his hat-trick by sweeping low past Pontifex.
After the deconstruction of the Republic it was essential for these early emperors to consolidate authority by emphasising their religious offices as implied in the title Pontifex Maximus.
the cult-man stands alone in Pellam's land: more precariously than he knows he guards the signa: the pontifex among his house treasures (the twin-urbes his house is) he can fetch things new and old .
Simplicius Summus Pontifex Romulo Augusto Imperatori et familiae salutem dicit (Babelfish engaged): 1, Simplicius, greet you and your family, Romulus Augustus.
Ernest Pontifex, Stephen Daedalus, Huck Finn), the psychological dimensions of the character and plot, and Holden as an expression of American romanticism and protest.
Cox (Lilly Global), +1-317-651-1473, (office), or +1-317-457-5602 (mobile); or Louise Pontifex (CPR Worldwide), +44-207-395-7125
If King is an example and an inspiration to all, then the President of the United States, in his role as pontifex maximus of the American civil religion, will, and should, honor him.
He has added references to imperial sculpture (Augustus as general, but not as pontifex maximus or as heroic nude, and none about later emperors) and architecture (Augustus' mausoleum, but not the Ara Pacis).
Hale, the self-styled Pontifex Maximus of the World Church of the Creator, for example, lives in his parents' East Peoria, illinois basement.
Thus, Callistus (bishop in Rome who, although by no means a pope as bishop, has appropriated authority over other bishops as episcopus episcoporum) is seen by Tertullian as behaving like a pagan Pontifex Maximus.