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POOPurchase Order Outbound
POOProgram Zero Zero (Apollo program; properly written as P00 using zeros)
POOPriority Operational Objectives
POOPrice of Oil
POOPower of One (United States Power Squadrons)
POOProgrammation Orientée Objet (French: Object-Oriented Programming)
POOPursue Other Opportunities
POOPoint of Origin
POOPoint of Order
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After concluding the poo bomb came from a jet, he triple-bagged it and put it in his freezer for the insurance claim.
The campaign will see street cleaners issued with new equipment to remove dog poo, CCTV installed in "hot spot" areas, resource packs issued to local schools, dog poo bags handed out to dog owners and extra dog poo bins installed around the area.
When a poo accident happens try and flush the poo from the pants down the toilet and get the child to help wave it goodbye - use it as an opportunity to re-assert where poo and wee go.
Dog poo is a major hazard to humans creates cattle and horse infections which causes them to abort and it does kill sheep hence the need to train your dogs to poo at home.
It could go to filling A&E save hospitals J Davidson, L18 I have appealed to the council to install two dog poo bins on this stretch of road for the benefit of these irresponsible dog owners, who are too much of a snob to take their dog poo home with them.
The new children's poo app NHS developers, from left, Dean Tiffin, Martin Dempster and Jo Latimer
While the problem is daunting, Poo offers hope, providing examples of innovative solutions, from naturally occurring retirement communities (NORCs), a kind of self-organizing co-op for the elderly; to a "caregiving time bank" in Japan, where caregivers get time credits for hours spent reading or bathing elderly participants.
According to him, the increasing cost of power, along with the need to do something with the poo that comes from 250,000 chickens, made the choice to explore power production an easier one.
Doggy Doo Poo Removal is featuring one-time only, monthly, and yearly service for residences, homeowners associations, apartments, condominiums, parks, bike paths, and special events.
15 ( ANI ): UNICEF's campaign Take Poo to the Loo has brought out the fight against open defecation - onto the streets and online; to industry, government bodies, academia and citizen groups, by roping in the strongest voices in the nation - the Youth.
But carry on, Dawn: "On average each person produces about a kilo of poo a week.