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POOPower of One (United States Power Squadrons)
POOPoint of Order
POOPrice of Oil
POOPoint of Origin
POOProgrammation Orientée Objet (French: Object-Oriented Programming)
POOPursue Other Opportunities
POOPurchase Order Outbound
POOProgram Zero Zero (Apollo program; properly written as P00 using zeros)
POOPriority Operational Objectives
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Council instructs the director of Environmental and Communities to investigate and bring a report back to committee on the feasibility of making it illegal to walk your dog on public ground without carrying a bag to pick up your dog poo.
There are now lots of designated poo bins or you can dispose of your poo bags in a public litter bin.
I mean, we've all seen the zero-tolerance stories as councils declare war on dog poo, the on-the-spot fine propaganda, the signs warning against it.
I did all I could in this instance and was willing to prove my case in court, that's why I kept the poo in my freezer," she added.
Pup Pee Poo Palace is an innovative system for housetraining small and medium dogs based on puppies' natural behavior to get up on things.
I am on the side of councils - until all dog owners pick up poo, dispose of it in a bin, train dogs and don't allow untrained dogs off their lead in a public place, then they must take action.
The group has created 20 illuminated resin spheres to show off the different types of poo with interesting facts hidden behind retro toilet lids which line the museum walls.
The campaign will see street cleaners issued with new equipment to remove dog poo, CCTV installed in "hot spot" areas, resource packs issued to local schools, dog poo bags handed out to dog owners and extra dog poo bins installed around the area.
Poo is now a walking talking character which means children can interact with the story.
A caregiver organizer and activist for domestic workers' rights, Poo confronts us with the facts of the coming "elder boom"--the crushing costs of caring for aging family members, the woefully inadequate support available, and the disproportionate burden that falls on women.
CEO of Darling Downs Fresh Eggs, Geoff Sondergeld, has jokingly said he knows way too much about poo than he should.
During the Red Devil's loss to Swansea City, Young was minding his own business when the cameras captured vividly a homing poo taking a direct hit on the mouth of the Manchester United player.