POOMAParallel Object Oriented Methods and Applications (computer programming)
POOMAPulled Out Of Mid Air (polite form)
POOMAPulled Out of My Ass
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The data processor of the POOMA machine is a Motorola 68020.
For this purpose we used a monitoring tool provided by the POOMA system.
To process this amount of video on the Vax would take about a month, whereas the POOMA only needs about a day to do the same.
In the previous section it was shown that the parallel encoding on the POOMA reaches a near optimal speedup and brings back the encoding time for long video sequences to workable proportions.
For example, assume the POOMA had 200 processors instead of 100, would the current program run twice as fast?
Indeed, since the POOMA concept does not depend on any particular processor, this is a feasible solution.
This was obtained by an implementation on the POOMA parallel computer.
Wiebe de Ham, Wim van Halen, and Pieter de Visser from IMS contributed to the encoding scheme Geert van Der Heyden, Frans Hopmans, and MArnix Vlot from research were involved in the design and implementation of the encoder on the POOMA system.
At the Philips Research Laboratories in Eindhoven, an experimental parallei computer system called POOMA (Parallel Object-Oriented Machine [3]), has been designed and a prototype has been built.
Each POOMA node is able to execute several processes simultaneously.