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POORTPort Orford Ocean Resource Team (Oregon)
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"The site of Klipdfrift Shelter is one of the few containing a long archaeological sequence that provides data on cultural changes over time during the Howiesons Poort. This makes it perfect to study the change in culture over time," Douze said.
(79) Pierre-Jean Texier et al., "A Howiesons Poort Tradition of Engraving Ostrich Eggshell Containers Dated to 60,000 Years Ago at Diepkloof Rock Shelter, South Africa," Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the USA 107, no.
The Port Orford Ocean Resource Team (POORT), a fisheries conservation and advocacy group, has a quaint wooden headquarters in a quaint seaside town.
At Dutch campsites, boys on average drink seventeen glasses of alcoholic beverages daily, while girls on average drink seven glasses of alcoholic beverages (De Graaff & Poort, 2004).
People of the Howiesons Poort culture engraved standardized geometric designs on fragments of ostrich eggshell fragments, designs that probably indicated group identity.
van EIJK, POORT & RUTTEN combine a critical reflection of the legal and policy context--not all file-sharing is illegal--with an assessment of the impact of file-sharing.
(10.) Poort SR, Rosendaal R, Leitsma PH, Bertina RM.
However, Peltaspermum has been redefined by Poort and Kerp (1990) as a natural genus including sterile foliage and ovuliferous organs for the species P.
The Howiesons Poort backed artefacts from Klasies River: an argument for symbolic behaviour.