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POOSParents of Olympic Swimmers
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The group has created 20 illuminated resin spheres to show off the different types of poo with interesting facts hidden behind retro toilet lids which line the museum walls.
The display also includes fossilised poo (coprolites) dating back 140 million years as well as a tawny owl pellet containing bones and teeth.
A SEASIDE town has launched a dog poo tracking website - to get pet owners to clean up their act.
com pinpoints dog poo hotspots across the town, and also tracks how many deposits are not cleared up by careless owners.
Encourage your child to go, say, every morning half an hour after breakfast and train them that this is poo time.
When a poo accident happens try and flush the poo from the pants down the toilet and get the child to help wave it goodbye - use it as an opportunity to re-assert where poo and wee go.
TYPE TWO Poos are shaped like a sausage but still have visible lumps.
TYPE THREE Sausage-shaped and better formed than Type 2, but the poos have visible cracks.
Dog poo was a pavement problem in England during the 50s and 60s.
If the poo goes into the toilet, a message relating to the importance of sanitation or clean water supplies is flashed up.
Poos deftly steers the reader through the maze of archival evidence he uses to reconstruct the demographic experience of Essex.
In the communities Poos studied, mobility was high: one quarter of the residents were likely to migrate elsewhere in the course of a ten-year period.