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POOSParents of Olympic Swimmers
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The Unko (Poop) Museum in Yokohama explores "the impact and popularity of poo".
The business's slogan is "We're number one for number twos" and they don't stop at dog poos.
"The children would like to urge everyone to pick up after their dogs so that they don't have to spray poos in the grounds.
MYTH 5 HEALTHY PEOPLE POO ONCE A DAY 'It's a myth that passing stool once a day is healthy,' explains Enid.
"Straight away we were totally appalled by the amount of poo."
The National Poo Museum has been created by members of the artist collective Eccleston George.
Holding on can cause constipation, which leads to other issues, so the best approach is to put a special "poo nappy" in the bathroom.
Dog poo was a pavement problem in England during the 50s and 60s.
If the poo goes into the toilet, a message relating to the importance of sanitation or clean water supplies is flashed up.
Poos's investigation centers on the structure of rural society, which he defines as encompassing "patterns of common people's migration, settlement, marriage and work, along with associated patterns of material and mental culture".
Professor Poos concentrates on the densley-populated northern and central hundreds of the county, an area of smallholders (nearly 60 per cent of tenancies were of five acres or less) and landless.
Japanese celebrities have contributed drawings of poop to a gallery, and children try to catch small toy poos which are, er, excreted, from a giant inflatable sculpture that erupts every 30 minutes, and take them home in a bag.