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POP3Post Office Protocol version 3 (Internet email protocol)
POP3Post Office Protocol 3 (email)
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The phone supports email, SMTP, POP3, IMAP4 mail protocols, built-in Wayfinder navigation software and Google Maps.
* New POP3 Proxy - Fireware 9.1 introduces a POP3 proxy, protecting POP3 users against multitudes of email-borne threats.
While NewsGator 2.0 still works in Outlook, it stretches far beyond the confines of one program providing access to news from any POP3 email client, via a Web site, or from a wireless PDA or cell phone.
POP3 e-mail programs, such as Eudora, cannot be substituted.) While using Remote Assistant, make sure the Outlook Express-type program is up and running.
In addition, the campus infrastructure is fully customizable and features an e-mail server with Web mail, POP3, IMAP and SMTP server.
Key Product Features: - Easy-to-use for cell phone users (no logins, single-click access) - Support for SMTP, POP3, IMAP, ICQ, AOL-IM, SMS, MMS, WAP, WAP Push - Turns any POP3/IMAP Internet mailbox into instant wireless messaging station - Complete access to e-mail including formatted text, images or even attachments like MS Word, etc.
The resident SMTP/TCP and POP3 retrieval allows the CH2165 to seamlessly access any ISP using a local access number to send and receive email.
Viewing and sending Email right from the mobile phone is easily accomplished with Remo's Get Email function, which provides access to up to seven user-specified, different POP or POP3 Email accounts.
Once you install SpamKiller, you need to set it up in your e-mail application (or applications, as it can be used with Hotmail/MSN as well as POP3 and MAPI).
It supports all popular e-mail protocols, SMTP, POP3, and IMAP.
To keep your inbox free from unwanted (and in some cases distasteful) clutter, follow these simple tips; First of all, when signing up with your internet service provider you will inevitably be given one or more POP3 e-mail addresses.