POP4Performance-Optimized Polymer 4
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Sequence analysis was conducted with a 36-cm capillary filled with POP4 at a constant temperature of 60[degrees]C.
The Model 3100 measurements were performed with the PE/Applied Biosystems GeneScan capillary array (50 cm x 50 [micro]m) and the POP4 polymer system.
Samples were run with POP-4 matrix using the GeneScan36 POP4 Default Module, with run conditions of 60[degrees]C, 15 kV, and 25 rain.
Electrophoresis was conducted with a GS STR POP4 (1 mL) E module 5 and GS Matrix E 5 color as matrix file.
Populations Crosses ([dagger]) Number of RILs Pop1 Precoz/ILL-669 102 Pop2 ILL-669/ILL-1878 105 Pop3 WA8649090/ILL-669 104 Pop4 WA8649041/ILL-669 115 Pop5 Precoz/ILL-1878 105 Pop6 WA8649090/Precoz 106 Pop7 Precoz/WA8649041 101 Pop8 WA8649090/ILL-1878 108 Pop9 WA8649041/ILL-1878 118 Pop10 WA8649090/WA8649041 121 ([dagger]) First parent in the crosses was used as female and second parent was used as male.
We loaded each sample on the ABI 310 genetic analyzer and analyzed the samples using Pop4 polymer, a 47-cm capillary column, and the ABI GeneScan E Run Module.
Source df MS x 1000[sup.-1] Location 1 32 931(**) Rep (Loc) 3 425 Set 4 1 043 Loc x Set 4 846 Rep x Set (Loc) 12 525 Populations 4 2 427(*) Loc x Pop 4 289 Set x Pop 14 233 Lac x Set x Pop 14 149 Rep x Pop (Loc x Set) 54 106 Lines (Set x Pop) 97 280(*) Lines (Set x Pop1) 16 443(**) Lines (Set x Pop2) 23 303(*) Lines (Set x Pop3) 22 332(*) Lines (Set x Pop4) 18 145 Lines (Set x Pop5) 18 178 Loc x Lines (Set x Pop) 97 175(**) Loc x Lines (Set x Pop1) 16 172([dagger])(*) Loc x Lines (Set x Pop2) 23 216([dagger])(**) Loc x Lines (Set x Pop3) 22 136([dagger])(*) Loc x Lines (Set x Pop4) 18 160([dagger])(*) Loc X lines (Set X Pop5) 18 185([dagger])(**) Error 288 85 (*), (**) Significant at 0.05 and 0.01 probability levels, respectively.
CE was accomplished using the P/ACE MDQ system (Beckman) with a fused-silica capillary (ABI) filled with POP4 polymer (ABI) and 10x CE Buffer (ABI).