POPAIPoint-of-Purchase Advertising International (formerly Point of Purchase Advertising Institute)
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But to have the project recognised by the POPAI Award judges really is the icing on the cake.
The facts are confirmed by one of the last surveys of POPAI CE Association (Global Association for Marketing in retail), in which it was found that the current buying behaviour is characterized by the following variables: the group of consumers older than 35 realizes more than 69% of all consumer spending.
For its coveted Hall of Fame honors each year, POPAI accepts nominations from its members to recognize industry professionals with more than 25 years of experience who have made significant contributions to the in-store marketing community and observe ethical business practices throughout their careers.
While 13 percent may not sound game-changing, POPAI insists that the number is significant.
POPAI executives note that the in-store decision rate is one of the most reliable measures because it is based upon pre-and post-shopping interviews--what shoppers anticipated to purchase compared with what they actually bought.
A pesquisa realizada pelo POPAI em 2007, e divulgada por Havro (2008), revela que o percentual de 65% de clientes sao do sexo feminino e, para o periodo de compras, 56% se concentram no periodo da tarde.
The POPAI award recognizes outstanding retail point-of-purchase signage.
A "P-O-P" display made from sheets of Eastman's Spectar copolyester has earned first place in the Point of Purchase Advertising International's POPAI Brasil Award.
Point-of-purchase advertising is a $12 billion industry, rivaling network TV, spot TV, and newspaper advertising: 13,000 POP companies interviews in first ever POPAI market size and structure study.
Craft and hobby supplies - not included in the home furnishings category by POPAI have a 68.
He adds that POPAI has "an oligarchy of management" - a team consisting of the chair, vice chair, treasurer, and chief staff executive.
March lKth and the POPAI Awards Celebration and a Retail Roundtable are scheduled for Wednesday the 19th.