POPANPrevention of Professional Abuse Network (UK)
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In this study the open model (POPAN parameterization with CJS) model assumptions (Lebreton et al.
We tested eight CJS models with POPAN parameterization, where model {<f> [p.sub.t] b} did not converge.
Model choice criteria and abundance estimates (N) tested in the mark-recapture analysis of Irrawaddy dolphins in the Brunei Bay, Malaysia (2013-2015), using the open-population POPAN parameterization in Program MARK.
The POPAN model included the capture histories of the 170 rails banded between 28 November 2009 and 13 April 2010.
The POPAN parameter estimates in Table 3 suggest that survivorship remained constant throughout, but recapture probability increased towards the end of this study.
Popan. "Ingroup Identification and Group-Level Narcissism as Predictors of U.S.
Ao analisar a informacao conseguida por meio da aplicacao de POPAN, Programa Mark, obtem-se: a relacao entre sexos determinada para o rio Itu e para o rio Cumicuri foi de 33,83% e 26,17% de machos, respectivamente; a populacao total estabelecida para o rio Itu foi de 172,49 ind e de 188,23 ind para o rio Cumicuri.
Within MARK, the subprogram POPAN provides a parameterization of the Jolly-Seber model (Schwartz and Arnason, 1996) using individual capture histories to estimate population size and variance.
Program MARK was used to estimate size of population from the trapping data (White & Burnham 1997) with the integrated POPAN program using the Jolly-Seber algorithm and assuming an open population with equal probabilities of capture and survival.