POPANPrevention of Professional Abuse Network (UK)
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The POPAN model included the capture histories of the 170 rails banded between 28 November 2009 and 13 April 2010.
The POPAN parameter estimates in Table 3 suggest that survivorship remained constant throughout, but recapture probability increased towards the end of this study.
Ao analisar a informacao conseguida por meio da aplicacao de POPAN, Programa Mark, obtem-se: a relacao entre sexos determinada para o rio Itu e para o rio Cumicuri foi de 33,83% e 26,17% de machos, respectivamente; a populacao total estabelecida para o rio Itu foi de 172,49 ind e de 188,23 ind para o rio Cumicuri.
Program MARK was used to estimate size of population from the trapping data (White & Burnham 1997) with the integrated POPAN program using the Jolly-Seber algorithm and assuming an open population with equal probabilities of capture and survival.