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Arms A and B delivered the PopART package of HIV prevention, which includes annual household-based HIV counselling and testing, linkage to care at the local health centre for people living with HIV, follow-up visits to people living with HIV to ensure that they were linked to care and to support adherence to treatment, promotion of voluntary medical male circumcision for men who tested HIV-negative, services to prevent mother-to-child transmission of HIV, referral for treatment of sexually transmitted infections, provisions of condoms in the community and screening and referral for tuberculosis.
"Overall, both strategies improved knowledge of HIV status and uptake of treatment," said co-author Wafaa El-Sadr adding, "These findings show that a combination prevention strategy similar to PopART may be an effective tool to slow the global HIV epidemic."
Technology has also helped Popart Film Factory's Zirilli's production strategy.
Potential cannula sites are described by Simpson and Popart (2002):
Dyma popart Cymreig yn sicr, yn edrych fel rhywbeth ar strydoedd cul Cuba a Bryn fel y gwrthrych Warholaidd yn ei shades - dyma'r math o gelf dwi'n gredu fyddai'n wych ar glawr CD neu mewn rhyw fflat "arti" yn y Bae.
Las tendencias plasticas y esteticas expuestas comprenden desde el PopArt de los anos 60 hasta el arte minimalista y postminimalista de los 90, que plantean asuntos politicos, problemas sociales y conflictos urbanos con los que todo individuo contemporaneo se identifica porque son temas cotidianos de la sociedad de nuestro tiempo.
In an attempt to validate Situationism as a "true" (Burgian) avant-garde, Rasmussen contrasts the movement with Nouveau Realisme, PopArt, and Minimalism.
July 31: Sens Unik, King Louie Combo, Soul Jam Waikki Beach Bombers, QL, Popart
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