POPBPalais Omnisports Paris Bercy (French)
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POPB co-publisher/marketing director Perry Bradford-Wilson said syndicates are paid for their material, although not a lot.
He added that POPB plans to publish The Funny Paper monthly at first and then possibly every three weeks at some point.
In order to ensure legal certainty in the operation of the Accorhotels Arena, SAE POPB wants the services of one or more boards.
La prestation attendue du futur attributaire du march consistera assurer la responsabilit civile de la SAE POPB pour une capacit minimale par sinistre de 30 000 000 EUR en responsabilit civile et exploitation et 1 525 000 EUR en responsabilit civile et professionnelle
La prestation attendue du futur attributaire du March consistera assurer la SAE POPB contre les risques de dommages aux biens et de pertes d~exploitation conscutives, la somme des capitaux de dommages directs et de pertes d~exploitation conscutives du site principal excdent 360 000 000 EUR.
Aujourd~Hui the sae POPB wants to spend a services market to ensure safe access and public area of the accorhotels Arena, particularly for shows and events scheduled in his room.