POPDProtection of Personal Data (EU)
POPDPerfect Ornament Placement Disorder
POPDPoint of Purchase Display
POPDPortable Oscillatory Pressure Device
POPDProbability of Prescription Dose
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This study was conducted in a designated private room, close to the POPD. The caregivers were seated a distance away from each other and were asked not to communicate with each other during the sensory evaluation session.
The women in group 2 were compared with those in group 1 to assess the factors associated with POPD.
Independent factors associated with POPD were assessed using logistic regression analysis.
1 the subject of the contract are: the extension of space matrix popd and zopd, licenses for replication between arrays and the purchase of technical and system infrastructure for the purposes of social security-sad, sad and sis-zsrk.
For this, recent work involves electrochemical synthesis of nanocomposites coating consisting of PoPd and ZnO by potentiostatic technique on 304-stainless steel material.
Then, in 2003, the EC adopted the "passport" Prospectus Directive (PPD), (54) replacing the listing particulars provisions of the AID and the POPD, which had introduced "a partial and complex mutual recognition mechanism" (55) in the EC.
The final column in Table 5 reports the panel results including the two measures of financial sophistication, popd and agrifin.
Population POPD The total number of Punjab Density people living per Development square kilometre at Statistics district level.
-14.47 + 0.00227 x CAPINC + 0.00664 x POPD - 0.4913 x FDSTMP
This one, "W PUSHD \WP51 [caret] IFF /%1==/THEN [caret] WP [caret] ELSE [caret] KEYSTACK 0 @63 "=" "%1" 32 32 "N" "%2" @65 "1" [caret] WP [caret] POPD [caret] ENDIFF", creates a command called "W." It changes directories to WP51, again saving the current directory.
The setting was the POPD at EDH in Pietermaritzburg, KZN, during two summer (January, February) and two winter (June, July) months in 2013.
During the study period, 699 new patients were referred to the POPD (not only from the PHC clinics).