POPIProgram on the Pharmaceutical Industry (Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Cambridge, MA)
POPIProtection of Proprietary Information (Sprint)
POPIPoverty of Opportunity Index (Pakistan)
POPIPartitioned Operations Interface (Nortel)
POPIPrime Orion Philippines, Inc. (investment holding company)
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Wardens armed with POPI computers will download detailed maps of each park in their area of responsibility and be given specific instructions about where to go and what to look out for.
The inclusion of social parameters shows that a lot more people are afflicted by HPI and POPI than by simple income or consumption poverty.
An encouraging finding, however, is that both HPI and POPI have been consistently decreasing while the trend in income poverty has been a bit cyclical.
The bar chart on the right has been plotted by dividing POPI (F) by POPI (M) to show this phenomenon clearly.
17) A further comparison of HPI and POPI reveals that these index levels are pathetically low at "47.
The objective of POPI will be a comprehensive protection of information relating to personal detail of an individual.
The family hopes to put its Popis into larger markets next.