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POPOSPrivately-Owned Public Open Spaces (San Francisco, CA)
POPOSPost Office Point of Sale (advertising system; UK)
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In 2013, Alcoa curtailed 97,000 mt/y at Sao Lufs and 34,000 mt/y at Popos de Caldas.
The project also calls for more than 20,000 square feet of office space, 18,000 square feet of retail on the ground floor and additional space for retail and Privately Owned Public Open Spaces (POPOS) in the form of landscape plazas and mid-block alleys.
Landowners and environmental groups of the city are waiting for a review of the Zoning Ordinance and the Comprehensive Land Use Plan for the proposed privately-owned publicly open spaces (Popos).
8.51 (480m): Popos Baby, Queenies Ace, Mill De Niro, Cabbies Rumble, Get There Clair, Lip Bound (W).
9.48 (480m): Cover Blue, Popos Baby, Lil Legend, Ceol Santa Fe, Dromtrasna Dream, Blackhouse Linty (W).
Eram todos africanos sim, mas antes eram haucas, popos, fulanis, fons, ewes, mahis....
12.27 (480m): Popos Baby, Troopers Hero, Dokta Landscapes, Santro Fly, Alnwick Master, Lip Bound (W).
Reserves: Colliery Deedee, Crooks Maximus, Highview Honey, Making News, Mollys Jesse, Off-shore Louis, Popos Baby, Queenies Two, Santro Fly, Shaneboy Phantom, Slipalong Box.
12.27 (480m): Popos Baby, Goldmine Susie, Star Of Dreams, Woodys Alabama, Slipalong Box, Banana Bolt.