POPPPartnerships for Older People Projects (Department of Health; UK)
POPPPeace Operations Policy Program (George Mason University; Arlington, VA)
POPPProgram On Peacekeeping Policy
POPPPsoriatic Onycho Pachydermo Periostitis (rheumatology)
POPPPersistent Occiput-Posterior Position (obstetrics and gynecology)
POPPPull, Observe, Push, and Press (mnemonic for weapons check)
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Based on the findings mentioned above, the patient was diagnosed as having POPP.
To the best of our knowledge, 22 cases of POPP have been reported in the literature.
Despite these findings, the patient was treated with anti-fungal medications for a long time as observed in most POPP cases cited in the literature.
Radiographic findings in POPP include intraand periarticular erosions, new bone formation including periostitis, bony protuberances, soft tissue prominence (dactylitis or sausage digits), and calcification at ligament and tendinous insertions in keeping with enthesopathy.
In conclusion, owing to its rapid rate of progression, an accurate and early diagnosis of POPP is crucial for initiating optimal therapy as soon as possible and preventing deformities.
ALEXANDER POPP, the German who wants to play for England, can provide both countries with the best possible start by winning his opening Australian Open match against Thailand's Paradorn Srichaphan tonight.