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Poppi, of Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, died in December 2012.
Mr Roberts said a conclusion of unlawful killing was not available to him as he was not satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Poppi died from an act of murder or manslaughter.
Coroner David Roberts ruled out penetration as the cause of death and said Poppi suffocated as she slept next to her father for a significant period of time in an "unsafe sleeping environment".
Mr Roberts said Poppi, who at the time was suffering from an upper respiratory tract infection, died from asphyxia.
Home Office pathologist Alison Armour told police she suspected Poppi had been sexually assaulted before her death, but this is disputed by other medical experts.
A High Court judge has ruled Poppi, 13 months, was probably sexually assaulted by dad Paul before her death in Barrow in 2012.
One day in the week you are given a day off where guests discover the village of Poppi or even head to Sienna, two hours away.
In the last paper of the first section, Italian researchers Gillian Mansfield and Franca Poppi shed light on the debate of English as a foreign language or as a lingua franca and make the point that it is important to sensitise teachers of English as a foreign language towards teaching English as a lingua franca.
In ruminants, breakdown of ingested plants is facilitated by mastication and microbial degradation that act as sequential processes that reduce particle size enabling passage from the rumen (Duncan and Poppi 2008).