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POPSPOP (Post Office Protocol) Secure
POPSPoints of Presence
POPSParachutists Over Phorty Society (skydiving organization)
POPSProject Operations
POPSProbability of Program Success
POPSPower of Positive Students (est. 1981)
POPSPartners of Prisoners and Families Support Group (UK)
POPSProblem Oriented Public Safety (Washington State Patrol)
POPSPortable Organ Preservation System
POPSPeriodically Oscillating Plasma Sphere (Inertial-Electrostatic-Confinement Fusion Device)
POPSPacific Okinawa Players
POPSPortland Oregon Paper Shapers (origami group)
POPSPeople, Organizations, Projects, Skills (US NASA)
POPSPower Over Polio Support
POPSPACI Online Proposal System (Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure)
POPSPeople Observing People's Safety (behavior-based safety program)
POPSPaperless Ordering Procurement System
POPSPhilharmonic Orchestra/Philharmonic Symphony
POPSPort Operational Performance Simulator
POPSPrimary Ocean/Oceanographic Prediction System
POPSPyrotechnic Optical Plume Simulators
POPSPlain Old Provisioning System
POPSPartitioned Operations Storage (Nortel)
POPSPerceptions of Parents Scale (psychology)
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ZOKU, producer of the patented Quick Pop Maker, describes itself as "a collective of creative individuals who create things that will make our lives better through intelligent design and engineering.
Pops don't replace the message you send, but instead wrap it with the Pop alert.
Tavolo Shooting Star Pop Mold: Six plastic, shooting star-shaped, easy- release molds are held in an upright position in a blue plastic star-shaped base.
The acid in regular and diet pops has the potential to contribute to enamel erosion.
Also not included in the Gothenburg Protocol are limits on POPs and heavy metal pollution, but these are addressed separately in the sixth and seventh protocols to the Convention on Long-Range Transboundary Air Pollution, both of which were adopted in 1998.
EVAs have disadvantages in taste and odor, as well as lower hot-tack strength than POPs and higher water-vapor transmission.
Bookended by contrasting photos of traditional and of trendy London, her copy celebrated casinos, nightclubs, writers, filmmakers, actors, designers, and pop stars, offering a handy map of metropolitan pleasure palaces like Tiles, The Scotch of St.
The first opportunity to experience the Lockhart Enthusiast VIP treatment is at the ever-popular Holiday Pops concerts.
Kids' products, the hottest part of the market, tempt children 2-7 to eat 19 frozen pops per year, while youngsters 8-12 ease off a bit with only 13 confections, notes Arnie Schwartz, vice president, NPD Group in Chicago.
He has appeared with the Pops in more than 60 television shows, including 38 new programs for PBS' Evening at Pops, holiday specials and award winning telecasts.
Just watching the corn pop is a show in itself, he said.
These sturdy, lightweight covers are easily installed (and removed), protect a digital camera's expensive LCD screen in the closed position, and pop up to provide easier viewing of the display in bright sunlight.