POPSCIPopular Science (magazine)
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Science News and PopSci are web versions of important print magazines with long and venerable publishing legacies.
1, 2009), http://articles.cnn.com/2009-09-01/health/extra.ivf.embryos_l_embryos fertility-patients-fertility-clinics/6?_s=PM:HEALTH; See Mary Hvistendahl, Baby Born From 20-Year Old Frozen Embryo, POPSCI, (Oct.
(20.) See Elizabeth Svoboda, The Essential Guide to Stem Cells, PopSci.Com, June 1, 2009, archived at http://www.webcitation.org/5uRGvLExl (social conservatives opposed to destroying embryos for stem cell research); see also Terence P.
"PopSci is paying homage to these young scientists, who explore the world with an altogether original eye."
PopSci has made a relatively minor rate base adjustment from 1.55 million down to 1.45 million.
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According to PopSci, many bison have some cattle genes, but Yellowstone's bison are "genetically uninterrupted." ( ANI )
It's an extra-spectral color, and it has to be mixed to generate it," the Daily Mail quoted Morton as telling popsci.com.
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According to PopSci.com, Germany's Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft science institute developed the technique to make the artificial skin, which is more affordable than similar ones in use now.
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