POPZPerronopzichter (Dutch Railways)
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The figure was divided by the zonal population (POPz) and was multiplied by 1000 to obtain visitation rate from each zone.VRz = [nz/Vt] T x 1000/POPz.
Compton Homies and The POPz team founder Ted Hayes and his son Theo take a look around the Warwickshire County Ground at EdgbastonPictures, SIMON HADLEY
Popz & Fritz's Detail Mobile, East Wenatchee; No description provided.
Popz, your voyage has been rough, but you've reached your golden shore, your boat is now at anchor and peace is yours once more.
The you-can't-beat- the-value: Popz Clipstrip Popcorn (100g) - 69p.
The Compton Homies and The POPz , from Compton Cricket Club, is drawn from the homeless and former members of the district's notorious street gangs, such as the Crips and the Bloods.
Companies Mentioned in this Report: Kims, Taffel, Urtekram, Nutisal, Trope, Lorenz, System Frugt, The Original Snack Foods, Kornkammeret, Popz
And get plenty of popcorn - like those big Butterkist bags, or make your own microwave Popz.
Sir, - I was interested to read that a cricket team from Los Angeles, The Maxim Homies and Popz, is currently touring here and one hopes it is the start of something big (Post, Sep 18).
Simply get a video out (if your telly's not widescreen and surround-sound, you'll have to use your imagination) and put a pack of Popz popcorn in the microwave.
The Maxim Homies and Popz, from the tough Los Angeles suburb of Compton, posed for photographers and the press at the headquarters of cricket in London.
The Compton Homies and Popz sang their hip hop theme song in the grounds of Windsor Castle.