POQPeriod Order Quantity (ordering)
POQProtection des Oiseaux du Québec (French: Quebec Bird Protection; est. 1917; Canada)
POQPiss Off Quick
POQPurely Output Queuing
POQProduction Offset Quantity
POQPain Outcomes Questionnaire
POQPlayers of Quality (gaming clan)
POQPublic Opinion Quarterly (est. 1937; Oxford Journals)
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Quarri POQ is the only on demand web information security solution that controls and protects users' browser session content from theft or data leakage by malware and end users.
2): wide median light stripe extending from middle of POQ to posterior margin of the carapace, stripe varies in intensity, not always distinct; dark radiating lines extend distally from edges of the median stripe to submargin of carapace; eyes of PER encircled by black.
With POQ cycle times of four and eight periods, at stations 6 and 7 respectively, the weighted total inventory levels at stations 6 and 7 are plotted in Figure 3 for all the three modified MRP methods.
Leveraging Quarri's patented technology, the POQ hardened browser provides zero-hour malware protection against key logging, frame grabbing, cache mining and inbound attacks.
Quarri is now enabling its enterprise customers to leverage their existing BIG-IP LTM appliances for enforcement of their POQ deployments.
With POQ Mobile for iOS, Quarri is delivering unprecedented protection for data accessed via both employee-owned and company-issued mobile devices.
With the help of the built-in load balancer, the WAF also allows for efficient caching of POQ session information, minimizing the amount of traffic between the WAF and the POQ Server.
With Quarri's POQ on demand web information security solution, Fisher Accounting & Taxation Services Ltd can address a variety of challenging security issues, including external and internal attacks, and unauthorized use and replication of confidential data.
POQ protects browser-delivered data by delivering and enforcing secure web sessions on demand that control and protect users' session content from theft or data leakage by malware and end users.
POQ is delivered on-the-fly when end users log in, providing zero-hour malware defense against keylogging, frame grabbing, cache mining and other attacks.
In choosing POQ, not only are our security levels increased significantly, but POQ's clientless approach was unique and very attractive.
POQ is delivered on the fly, preventing the need for additional software to be installed on the endpoint.