POQPublic Opinion Quarterly (est. 1937; Oxford Journals)
POQProduction Order Quantity
POQPart of Question (education)
POQPain Outcomes Questionnaire
POQPeriod Order Quantity (ordering)
POQPlayers of Quality (gaming clan)
POQProtection des Oiseaux du Québec (French: Quebec Bird Protection; est. 1917; Canada)
POQPiss Off Quick
POQPurely Output Queuing
POQProduction Offset Quantity
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[18] consider two-level production and assembly system and proposed a method for finding a planned lead time and periodic order quantity (POQ).
The lead time of all components is uncertain and periodic order quantity (POQ) policy is utilized for the planning of components.
At the current research multilevel assembly system with partial backlogging, components scrap, and POQ policy is considered.
This model utilized MRP approach with periodic order quantity (POQ) policy utilized for the supply planning of components.
In this study, multiperiod and multilevel production systems under lead-time uncertainties, periodic order quantity (POQ) policy, and partial backordering were considered.
In each production cycle, the production for needs of P periods should be produced, because the ordering system is POQ. Table 2 shows a multiperiod assembly system for P = 4.
An MRP approach with periodic order quantity (POQ) policy is utilized for the supply planning of components.
Al-Ahmari, "Optimal MRP offsetting for assembly systems with stochastic lead times: POQ policy and service level constraint," Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing, vol.
POQ enables secure web sessions on demand, protecting browser-delivered data from being replicated or stolen by internal and external threats while in transport and in use.
Quarri POQ is the only on demand web information security solution that controls and protects users' browser session content from theft or data leakage by malware and end users.
For the area of sector POQ ([Theta] is the angle POQ in degrees):