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PORAProperty Owners and Residents Association (Sun City, AZ)
PORAPrincipal Official Responsible for Acquisition (US DHHS)
PORAPrevention of Road Accidents (Ghana)
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When they flashed light that only the pigment bound by PORA could absorb, they saw reactions in the PORB-pigment pair.
He says the most dramatic change is the new role for protochlorophyllide b, the pigment bound by PORA.
Joseph Poras and his wife, Linda, of Framingham and Peter Poras and his wife, Patti, of Newton; her grandchildren, Marlo Poras and her husband, Paul Chan, Jason Poras, David Poras and his wife, Jenna, Steffany Doolittle and her husband, Peter, Todd Pauling and his wife, Sarah, and Dana Neitzel and her husband, David; and nine great-grandchildren.