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PORACPeace Officers Research Association of California
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Heed, supra note 115; Gutierrez & Minugh, supra note 199; Andrew Scott & Nuno Tavares, How the Placer County DSA Negotiated a Brady Protocol, PORAC Legal Def.
For example, managers in the same industry demonstrate similar cognition (Huff, 1982; Porac, et al.
Rafanan said a team of Philippine Air Force, army and police personnel have been dispatched to look for Smith and Whitman in the upper Porac area.
As Porac, Thomas, and Baden-Fuller (1989) have discussed, this may reflect the tendency of organizational administrators to form "cognitive maps" of competitors, which are not strictly linked to objective competitive conditions - in this case, hospitals pay more attention to the strategic behaviors of other facilities like themselves and less to autonomous HHAs.
According to business professors Joseph Porac and Jose Antonio Rosa, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, the narrow-minded executive may be the most successful.
Handedness was determined by self-report and writing hand (Coren, Porac, & Duncan, 1979).
COPA's proposal is supported by a growing coalition that includes SEIU, PORAC, VICA and others, along with 15,000 individuals who have all rallied to support passing online poker legislation this year.
To Develop Porac Alviera project, mixed-use property development in Porac town.
The campaign reports paying the US Postal Service $877,0000, suggesting it may have also paid to mail out the literature for PORAC and other paid slate mailers.
She was warmly received by the residents of Porac town (Pampanga), one of the towns in Pampamnga's legislative district that she represented when she became a congresswoman in 2010.
Mishina, Pollock and Porac (2004) argue that growth is "a performance variable worth considering" (p.
Managers of firms within similar competitive niches share knowledge structures that shape a shared understanding of competitive boundaries and conditions (Lant and Baum, 1994; Reger and Huff, 1993; Porac, Thomas, and Baden-Fuller, 1989) even when environmental conditions change (Fombrun and Zajac, 1987).