PORAMPalm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia
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Palm oil, Mal/Sumatran origin Palm oil, Mal/Sumatran origin crude (max 5% FFA), refined, FOB Malaysia CIF Rotterdam Sep 10 unq Sep 10 unq Oct 10 unq Oct 10 unq Nov-Dec 10 unq Nov-Dec 10 unq Jan-Mar 11 unq Jan-Mar 11 unq Palm olein, Mal origin, RBD Stearin, (Poram), RBD (max 0,1% FFA) FOB Malaysian FOB Malaysian Sep 10 unq Sep 10 unq Oct 10 unq Nov-Dec 10 unq Jan-Mar 11 unq Palm Fatty Acid Distillate FOB Malaysia Sep 10 unq Palm kernel oil, Mal/Indo origin Coconut oil, Phil/Indo origin max 5% FFA, CIF Rotterdam 3-4% FFA, CIF Rotterdam Sep-Oct 10 unq Sep-Oct 10 1230.00 unq Oct-Nov 10 unq Oct-Nov 10 1230.00 unq tr = traded level unch = unchanged unq = unquoted RBD = refined, bleached and deodorized Poram = contract specification of the Palm Oil Refiners Association of Malaysia.
YESTERDAY: First One Day International Auckland: India 108 (J D POram 5-26) v New Zealand 109-7 (J Srinath 4-23) New Zealand beat India by 3 wkts; First Test MatchDurban South Africa 250-5 (J H Kallis 104 no, G Kirsten 56) v Paki-stan.
Tenders are invited for Providing 125A change over switch at TE Balijipeta, AVR to BTS Neelakantapuram, BTS Poram and Battery charger to BTS Hanumagiri and Bobbili & Shifting of EA sets at TE Thotapalli, TE Garugubilli to TE PVP, BTS Dasannapeta to Dharmapuri and Dharmapuri to