PORANPeace Officers Research Association of Nevada
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According to Belande and Poran, they were picked up, along with the five fatalities, by a group of men whom they suspected to be police.
www.lasan.co.uk Onion and spinach pakora - crispy onion, potato and spinach bhajias lightly spiced with fragrant panch poran Ingredients 3 onions finely sliced 4 new potatoes, fine julienne Handful finely chopped spinach leaves Generous amount of fresh coriander, finely chopped ' tsp garlic and ginger paste 1 tsp coriander seed toasted and crushed 1 tsp panch poran toasted and crushed ' tsp turmeric ' tsp chill ' tsp ground coriander ' tsp ground roasted cumin ' tsp tomato puree Juice of 1 lime Salt to taste 2 tbsp gram flour 1 tbsp corn flour 1 egg (replace with 1 tbsp of water for vegetarian) Method * Wash the fenugreek in cold water and squeeze in a sieve.
A Steele hat trick, two from Roberts and one apiece for Connor, Poran and Sikhosawa secured a 8-4 victory for Honley and will give them hope for a good season in Division I.
oreganus is the primary predator of ground squirrel pups (Coss, 1991; Swaisgood, Owings, & Rowe, 1999), rattlesnakes typically do not display predatory behaviors toward adult California ground squirrels (Hennessy & Owings, 1988), which have developed physiological resistance to rattlesnake venoms (Poran, Coss, & Benjamini, 1987; Coss, Guse, Poran, & Smith, 1993) and also demonstrate behavioral tactics of harassing and even attacking rattlesnakes (Owings & Coss, 1977).
A salvage ship was on its way to help lift the ferry, the MV Shah Poran, which had been carrying about 70 people in the Meghna River in Munshiganj district.
Locke says the specialty retailer was "very pleased" with the results of the new Jewish holiday prepared food menu, which was created by culinary director David Poran and corporate chef Effie Spiegler.
Sheikh Mohammad Thair Ullah, the chairman of the Shah Poran Bangladeshi Jame Mosque, said: 'There is no need for these things to happen because it is provoking people.'
A fine bamboo which grows up to seven meters high by river banks (bulu' poran, Schizostahyum blumei) is used for making harvesting, reaping, winnowing, and all-purpose food-serving baskets.
Poran (2002) also explored the perceptions of beauty held by White, Latino, and Black American women.
Curry powder, along with Garam Masala and Panch Poran are three of the most frequently prepared--and used--spices in the Indian kitchen.