PORMPlus (+) Or Minus (-), as used in Boeing drawings
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Porm no Teste 2 os 12 jogadores estavam com veisalgia e atingiram a seguinte meta:
The BD field had significantly higher soil matrix porosity, PORm (internal aggregate porosity), than CC (by 22.4%) but similar to those of the other land uses (Table 3).
The PPG fields also had 11.3-15.6% greater PORt, 10.9-27.3% greater porosity of soil matrix (PORm), 24.1-29.9% greater water content at FC, 66.9-72.5% greater PAWC, and 9.1-18.2% higher FC/PORt ratio than those under CC.
Total porosity of soil (PORt), soil macropore (PORp) and matrix domains (PORm), air capacity of total soil (ACt), and soil matrix (ACm) under various land use systems AG, Andropogon gayanus; BD, Brachiaria decumbens; DS, Digitaria smutsii; NF, natural fallow; CC, continuous cultivation.
They do not only affect the limit between the public and the private--between the political or cultural life of its citizens and their innermost secrets and indeed, secrets in general; they touch on actual frontiers--on frontiers in the narrow sense of the word: between the national and the global, and even between the earth and the extraterrestrial, the world and the universe--since satellites are part of this 'paperless' setup (PorM, p57).
(13) Like any (transnational) commodity, American passports alienate American citizens from their own identity papers, covering up the foreign, protective cover, literally secreting the chips that fully functionalize the identity papers from their 'owners' (PorM).
Porm, essas narrativas demonstram que muitas mulheres ainda resistem em fazer esse exame por medo, vergonha, desconhecimento do proprio corpo, falta de informacoes, entre outros motivos que as deixam vulneraveis e suscetiveis nao somente ao cancer do colo de utero, como tambem as DST e ao HIV/Aids.
Asked if the mortar was capable of firing explosively pormed projectiles, DS McVea would only say it is still be subjected to a "detailed examination".
Winner of numerous awards, Porms' honors include the Brillante Award presented by the National Society of Hispanic MBAs and the Silver Apple Award presented by the Stanford Business School Alumni Association He recently co-founded the Latino Business Action Network (LBAN), a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Latino entrepreneurs build high-growth potential companies.
Caption: MARK ULRICH is senior vice president of Porms & Associates Insurance Brokers