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POROPower Outage Restart Option
POROProvincial Organization of Records Officers (Newfoundland, Canada)
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The centerpiece of Poro Poro is the 20,000-square-foot member club house, which features casual grill dining, a French-trained chef, adult's and children's pools, a game room for kids, a fitness facility and a member lounge.
Scheduled to open in 2007 and 2008, the seven developments are: Kapalua Bay, Maui; Ho'olei, Wailea, Maui; The Arrabelle at Vail Square, Vail, Colorado; Viceroy Resort, Anguilla, British West Indies; Exclusive Resorts Private Enclave at Ritz Carlton, Grand Cayman; as well as continued expansion in Castello di Casole, Tuscany, Italy; and Poro Poro, Peninsula Papagayo, Costa Rica.
La Hemodialisis con dializadores de gran poro son efectivos en aclarar los niveles de Cadena Ligera Libre en suero, facilitando la recuperacion del fracaso renal agudo en el rinon del mieloma.
Deste modo, e de se esperar que o aco liquido tenha uma concentracao significativa de elementos hidrogenio, nitrogenio, oxigenio e carbono, formadores de gases e que, durante a solidificacao, devido a reduzida solubilidade dos mesmos no solido, haja um natural enriquecimento no liquido remanescente, favorecendo a formacao de poros e consequentemente, de defeitos no produto final.
1] com uma membrana de polipropileno com diametro medio de poro de 0,2 [micro]m numa pressao de 1,3 bar e temperatura < 3[grados]C.
Ethnic groups in all regions participate in the traditional religious practices of the Poro and Sande secret societies.
This mask was used in a ceremony of the masculine Poro society.
Galvez said Robertson and five Filipino employees took off from Manila, but two of the Filipino passengers were left at the Lepanto office in Poro Point, La Union.
For instance, between 1906 and 1937 Annie Minerva Turnbo-Malone owned and operated a network of cosmetics factories and beauty-training schools under the name Poro College, which were headquartered in St.
Other common trees include caoba (Swietenia macrophylla; we know it as mahogany); the yellow-flowered poro poro (Cochlospermun vitifolium), with a spare, branching structure and smooth, mouse-gray bark; the guanacaste (Enterolobium cyclocarpum), the province's namesake, a magnificent, broad-spreading, deciduous tree with a pod shaped like a monkey's ear; nispero (Manilkara chicle), the original source of chicle for chewing gum; and the evergreen guapinol (Hymeneaea courbaril), the source of fossil amber in the novel and movie Jurassic Park), with a brown-and-white bark and a pouch-shaped fruit.
Sex differences in age preferences showed up most strongly among the men and women of Poro, a fishing community with no television and little contact with outsiders.