POROIProject on the Rhetoric of Inquiry (University of Iowa)
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Galen wrote that Eudemus, an associate of Herophilus, also described the optic poroi (nerves).
Galen of Pergamon (2nd century AD) acknowledged Herophilus' description of the optic poroi (nerves), claiming that they were hollow so as to convey pneuma to the eye.
Un commentaire historique des "Poroi" de Xenophon, Paris.
(26.) Indeed it is as a series of poroi (pores) that Empedocles describes the makeup of the organs of sense, the eyes especially.
Paul Cartledge supplies a spirited introduction and quite detailed notes (184-229) to the new translation (B)(*)Xenophon, Hiero the Tyrant and Other Treatises(35) (in fact the Agesilaus, Hipparchicus, de Re Equestri, Cynegeticus, and Poroi), a bonus and much-needed aid if the fourth century B.C.
Xenophon's claim in the mid fourth century that silver coins were good merchandise for export (Poroi iii.2).
In his Poroi, Xenophon advanced a scheme that would improve, in his opinion, the Athenian economy.
Xenophon's Poroi contains proposals which may never have been put into practice.
As a founding member of Iowa's Project on the Rhetoric of Inquiry (POROI), McCloskey's "little green book," as she likes to refer to it, caused something of a tremor in rhetorical studies--an earthquake among the Econ crowd.
Rhetoric's reversal of fortune justifies the imperialistic travels inaugurated by the project on the rhetoric of inquiry (POROI) through the textual body and soul of other academic disciplines.