PORPPartial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis
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To obtain comparable groups with different reversal strategies for avoiding PORP and after performing a power analysis, we selected 180 of the most recent anaesthesia records that met our inclusion criteria and divided them to three post hoc study groups:
Our outcomes gained from a single-stage procedure exceed the air-bone gap closures reported for PORP in some of the larger studies of tympanoplasty [7, 8].
(1) que evaluo la respuesta terapeutica a AQ+S-P en pacientes con malaria porP. falciparum no complicada, donde la eficacia terapeutica fue de 98% (con 28 dias de seguimiento) y la frecuencia de efectos adversos fue 1%, que siempre fueron leves.
Driving across desert terrain for several days in a beat-up VW van, Jason (Drew Wood) and Porp (Jason Herman), two scruffy-but-model-cute collegiate types, grow aware of a sexual attraction neither can quite admit.
Usefulness of a ventilation tube as a partial ossicular replacement prosthesis (PORP) in ossiculoplasty in patients with chronic otitis media.
Shinohara et al (12) reported 68% success rates with PORP where only the incus needs to be replaced This compares with 46% of TORP where incus and stapes superstructure are absent.
Of the 222 patients, 46 had undergone insertion of either a partial (n = 36) or total (n = 10) ossicular replacement prosthesis (PORP and TORP, respectively) made with HAPEX, and 176 had received a PORP (n = 101) or TORP (n = 75) made with HATi.
In other aspects, the chemical characteristics of the highly porp hyritic basalt overlap with those of the sparsely porphyritic facies.
In types A and C when the stapes superstructure is present the partial ossicular replacement prosthesis (PORP) is placed between the stapes head and tympanic membrane.