PORPPartial Ossicular Replacement Prosthesis
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It is worth mentioning that patients received PORP had better outcomes than those receiving TORP due to the effect of stapes suprastructures on the hearing outcome.
5 (20-45) Male, n (%) 41 (64%) Female, n (%) 23 (36%) PORP, n (%) 47 (71%) TORP, n (%) 24 (29%) Ventilation tubes, n (%) 13 (18.
Those who underwent ossiculoplasty for Austin--Kartush group A impairments with PORP (Vario Bell PORP; Heinz Kurz' Medizintechnik GmbH, Dusslingen, Germany) during ICWT operations were the main patients.
In the MASH group, the malleus was gently retracted to the head of the stapes to maintain a favorable vertical position and the PORP was interposed between the stapes capitulum and malleus manubrium.
In our study, we compared two different conditions of lateral linkage of the PORP in the presence of the malleus.
Postoperative hearing results showed that direct malleus contact of the PORP provides better hearing results.
The placement of the PORP underneath the malleus could be more functional because it provides a conical tympanomeatal flap, which is directly related to the malleus.
In our study, we preferred to use the conchal cartilage island to reinforce the head of the PORP to avoid extrusion.
TORPs and PORPs in tympanoplasty: A review of 1042 operations.
Differences between PORP and TORP results were explored with contingency tables and evaluated according to the Pearson chi-square test.
The fact that the surgeons in our study indicated that the coupling characteristics and stability of the titanium implant in the eardrum and stapes were superior to that of the others may also be attributable to design features that allow for simultaneous visualization of both contact points during both PORP and TORP procedures.