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PORTALPrivate Offerings, Resales and Trading through Automated Linkages
PORTALProcess Oriented Real Time Algorithmic Language
PORTALPortsmouth Real-Time Travel Information System (UK)
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Eurylochus and his followers now passed under a lofty portal, and looked through the open doorway into the interior of the palace.
It is sufficient for us that enough is developed to point our path aright, and to direct our wandering steps to that portal which shall open on the light of an eternal day.
I then have left the side of the house at the back, store-rooms, and cellars, inundated every winter, two hundred livres; and the garden, which is very fine, well planted, well shaded under the walls and the portal of Saint-Gervais-Saint-Protais, thirteen hundred livres.
The house to which he had been directed had a dark, dusty, painted portal, which swung open in answer to his ring.
Soon there emerged from under a sculptured portal the figure of a young girl, arrayed with as much richness of taste as the most splendid of the flowers, beautiful as the day, and with a bloom so deep and vivid that one shade more would have been too much.
During these experiments Woola had been standing at my side gazing intently at the door, and as my glance fell upon him it occurred to me to test the correctness of my hypothesis, that this portal had been the means of ingress to the temple used by Thurid, the black dator, and Matai Shang, Father of Therns.
de Brosse, that awkward architect of the Saint-Gervais portal.
With a kick and a blow he freed himself from two others who clung to him, and in a moment he was within the portal with his comrades.
called the King, and the private, whose turn it was to enter the fatal palace, shook hands with Dorothy and the Scarecrow and bade them a sorrowful good-bye, and passed through the rocky portal.
The massive portal yawned, somber and sorrowful, before us, giving a glimpse of marble halls within.
Suddenly little Gerda stepped through the great portal into the palace.
As the devoted wife of a man who worshiped her, she felt she would take her place with a certain dignity in the world of reality, closing the portals forever behind her upon the realm of romance and dreams.