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PORTRAITParallel Computations of Spectral Portraits of Matrices and Applications to System Stability Analysis
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"Here is one whose looks show a very different character," observed Laurence, turning to the portrait of John Hancock.
"Couldn't we ask him to paint a portrait of Anna Arkadyevna?" said Vronsky.
Clutton looked at the portrait for some time in silence, then glanced at Philip's picture, which was standing on an easel.
"Where is the portrait? If she gave it to him, he must have it; and he is still in the study.
The mere sight of the portrait produced the most extraordinary effect on my mind.
It may be worth while, therefore, previously to advert to those curious imaginary portraits of him which even down to the present day confidently challenge the faith of the landsman.
Basil had painted the portrait that had marred his life.
[77] The portraits of actors and other theatrical celebrities range from Elizabeth, from the melodramatic costumes and faces of the contemporaries of Shakespeare, to the conventional costumes, the rotund expression, of the age of the Georges, masking a power of imaginative impersonation probably unknown in Shakespeare's day.
She had her portrait painted thus six or eight years ago.
This will be the sweetest portrait I have ever done, certainly.'
Here is another portrait. What do you think of it?'
"My opinion is that the portrait must be flattering, my lord."