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POSAPublic Order and Security Act
POSAPattern Oriented Software Architecture
POSAPassive Optical Sample Assembly
POSAParks and Open Space Advocates (Seattle, WA)
POSAPreliminary Operation Safety Analysis
POSAPayments Outstanding Suspense Account
POSAPacific Ocean Shipping Agency (Egypt)
PoSAPomona College Student Art Gallery (Claremont, California)
POSAPride of Sheffield Ave. (New York fire station)
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Using this POSA technology, card issuers also have the valuable opportunity to leverage card design in marketing the cards.
Zcom POSA system has many features that make it attractive to retailers including:
Emida's POSA solutions, Debisys and Puntoflex, provide robust revenue solutions for distributors and carriers alike.
a leading provider of prepaid solutions, announced today it has signed a contract with AmeriTel, a leading provider of telecommunications products, to supply AmeriTel with its POSA and Web-based solutions for distribution of prepaid products.
The POSA system affords our customers more control, less investment, less inventory and helps eliminate pilferage.
DataWave's POSA technology gives retailers the capability for instantaneous on-demand electronic delivery of PIN-based prepaid products.
The ceiling of maximum balance in POSA 1 lakh in single account and 2 lakh in joint account) has been removed.
After testing their POSA technology in selected stores, we are very excited to have it available at more than 600 of our stores across Canada.