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POSALPolisportiva Oratorio San Luigi (Italian sports club)
POSALProject Office Status Accounting Log
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Given the voluminous amount of testimony in Congress concerning the passage of TEA-21, our study focuses on four of the most germane hearings that concentrated on the broad goals of ISTEA's reauthorization: (1) implementation of ISTEA, (13) (2) reauthorization of ISTEA, (14) (3) the roles of different governments in surface transportation, (15) and (4) comprehensive pro posals for reauthorizing ISTEA.
Pro- posals for such caps go as far back as 1998, when MP Joe Donde proposed a cap on loan repayments.
Ministers will also have noted that the specific pro posals from Birmingham and the surrounding area are far more advanced than those from Manchester.
liverpool uk Earlier this year, controversial pro posals to build a church extension over 87 graves at All Saints' church yard were withdrawn by the diocese after years of bitter wrangling with con servationists and families with relatives buried at the cemetery.
Ian Austin (Lab, Dudley North) set out radical pro- posals to end the link between wealth and access to high-achieving schools.
We await their pro- posals with interest but repeat our demands that our children are protected by statute.
If Iarnrod Eireann's pro- posals go ahead we could find ourselves with a tragedy on the scale of the Paddington rail disaster here in Ireland.
Begg has been involved in some of the most outrageous planning pro- posals in Scotland.
But police, politicians and neighbours are all opposed to the pro-r posals for the old Observatory.
Despite the SNP's insistence that all their pro- posals had been fully costed, Labour's Shadow Chancellor Gordon Brown dismissed it as a "Briga-doon Budget".