POSALPoint Of Sale Advanced Language
POSALProject Office Status Accounting Log
POSALPolisportiva Oratorio San Luigi (Italian sports club)
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One executive has had success in requiring CROs to fill out a pro- posal template.
But, the main point of the pro posal is how important it is for your organization to accomplish its project.
Just a few months ago, the future of the legislation was in serious doubt, primarily because of Bush administration concerns about a controversial land exchange included in the Wyden-Smith pro- posal.
preconstruction, construction, operation) and conducting assessments of each stage rather than conducting a comprehensive assessment of the entire pro posal. Finally, to provide greater certainty to planners, the CEC should strike a working group to provide further clarification on the issue of when hearings should be triggered.
Assemblyman Jeff Klein, D-Bronx County, who recently published a report on contraceptive coverage, said the Senate Republicans' pro posal is "a good first step," but he said he and other backers of an Assembly bill that doesn't include the religious exemption are concerned that the exclusion could stall legislative action.
Prior Hypothesis Bias (Information Thought about why the proposal would Considered) pass and not why it wouldn't, Recalled multiple instances in which one Considering person expressed a desire that our pro- Redundant posal could fulfill.
Environmental Most recent discussions: [b] 1) new or revised air permits will likely be required when building new kilns or adding capacity to existing kilns; 2) recycling or burning of sawdust will likely be discarded as an option in favor of landfill dis- posal; 3) burning of treated wood waste at the building site is environmentally unacceptable; 4) no data to suggest that handling treated wood products will result in elevated health risks to residential construction workers; and 5) no data furnished to indicate that occupants residing in homes constructed of treated wood products would incur increased risks from indoor air pollutants.
Unless otherwise noted, sampling locations are remote from reported nuclear facilities or dis posal Ocean circulation modelling studies by Preller and co-workers suggest that during the 1980s, radionuclide releases to the Irish Sea from the Sellafield fuel reprocessing facility may have represented a contribution to the Kara Sea of magnitude comparable to the river inputs (Ruth Preller, U.S.
Third-quarter net income reflected a $20.3 million after-tax charge for costs associated with the closing of the knitted fabrics division, as well as an after-tax provision of $4.7 million for legal contingencies and losses on dis- posal of assets.
This is opportunity Newcastle act as a the Pilgrim Gordon Hewling, regional senior dir ector of GVA said: "This exciting pro posal to create a new landmark office build ing on the Bank of Eng land site is another step towards transforming East Pilgrim Street, which will enhance Newcastle City Centre's attractiveness."