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POSCOPohang Iron & Steel Co, Ltd
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We are open to possibilities in setting up a joint venture," a POSCO ICT official said.
Krakow first deputy mayor Tadeusz Tzmiel said, "I have been deeply impressed by POSCO E&C's technology and its ability to implement such strict management of the site.
POSCO is talking about investing in Iran, but it did not say how much money it would put into the new steel plant and how much Iran was expected to pony up.
The global integrated supply chain of FuelCell Energy serves the new POSCO Energy manufacturing facility in South Korea in addition to the existing North American and European facilities.
It is our great honour and pleasure to award POSCO Asia Fellowship for the second consecutive year as well between the KU and the POSCO TJ Park Foundation established by POSCO that is an equity partner in Tuwairqi Steel Mills Limited" said Yang Jae-woon Executive Vice President POSCO TJ Park Foundation.
Chung has played an integral role in the rise of POSCO as the leading company in the steel industry.
Chung Joon Yang is elected Chairman and CEO of POSCO since February 2009.
POSCO TJ Park Foundation, a global steel maker, is networking with 300 students from 19 universities in 10 Asian countries such as China, Vietnam, India, Mongolia and Thailand.
Especially at this year's Global EVI Forum, clients of POSCO Family companies including POSCO P&S, POSCO Specialty Steel, and POSCO C&C were invited, exhibiting an integrated brand image widely and strengthening the status of the POSCO Family even further.
In fact, the cooperation between China Steel and POSCO has just begun since the latter helped the former acquire a 2.
POSCO is currently expanding its operations both at home and abroad in a drive to enhance its scale and widen access to raw materials through greenfield projects and takeovers.
Release date- 03112011 - President Shin Tae-kyun of Dalian POSCO ICT DONGFANG Engineering receives special award on World Korean Day.