POSDCORBPlanning, Organizing, Staffing, Directing, Coordinating, Reporting & Budgeting
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Nao ha como adaptar a perspectiva descendente ou ascendente ao contexto da gestao de redes e portanto nao ha como transplantar os principios do POSDCORB para ela.
In the public realm, management is POSDCORB that is, planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating, reporting, and budgeting.
Based upon this framework, traditional organizational change takes place within the POSDCORB frame of reference, through the guidance of top management.
The 21st century Army logistician will require multiple frames of reference, certainly beyond the structural view of POSDCORB.
Pero las antiguas categorias conceptuales que en otros tiempos organizaran estas discusiones en torno a temas POSDCORB u otros limites teoricos familiares que definian aspectos nucleares de las ciencias administrativas han cedido el paso a una terminologia mas amplia.
If the style of `public administration' is not strategic in any given situation--if it conjures up POSDCORB and all that--then don't push it.
The fact that his influence has endured is expressed no better than in the influential (although perhaps prescriptive) classical management formula POSDCORB, a notion directly derived from Fayol's writings that managers Plan, Organise, Staff, Direct, Coordinate, Report and Budget.
I was reinforced in this view by my graduate school friend, Peter Clark, who managed to retain his sanity while in the Maxwell School at Syracuse University by building a model airplane named Miss POSDCORB.
Most efforts to improve public administration, from POSDCORB through MBO to quality circles and more, have focused on services.
The job of public administrators is described by Gulick's POSDCORB (1937, 13).
We shall argue that public management encompasses significantly more than the POSDCORB notions of yesteryear, and we use our sketch of some of public management's requisites to develop what we regard as a plausible model for its impact on performance.
Scientific management reform is best described by Luther Gulick's principles of public administration, POSDCORB, and the pursuit of efficiency through tight specialization and hierarchy.