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PoseidonPipeline Optimisation System for the Engineering and Intelligent Design of Operational Networks (UK)
POSEIDONPower Optimization and Simulation: Efficient Strategies In Deep Sub-Micron CMOS (Complementary Metal-Oxide Semiconductor)
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AWOCS Patrick Biddinger, a senior EWO in the squadron and the original EWO fleet NATOPS evaluator on the Poseidon, agreed with Deremiah.
The deployment of the P-8A Poseidons to Japan is part of a phased replacement of the propeller-driven P-3C Orion now serving in US 7th Fleet operating area.
The E-chip platform provides temperature and electrical in situ capabilities for Aduro[TM] and liquid and electrical in situ capabilities for Poseidon.
Poseidon is a nickel sulphide exploration and development company which is focussed on producing its first concentrate from the Mt Windarra mine in 2013.
He said the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter is essential to addressing the Navy's, and more importantly the nation's, strike fighter needs and that he looks forward to seeing the Poseidon join the fleet in 2013.
Now The Poseidon Adventure has been remade, and its name shortened to Poseidon, with Kurt Russell in the lead.
FROM the moment a igiant wave crashes into the good ship Poseidon, capsizing the ocean liner, Wolfgang Petersen's hi-tech remake of The Poseidon Adventure barely pauses for breath.
THE STORY It is New Year's Eve and the luxury ocean liner Poseidon is cruising through clear waters.
There are multiple gods involved but only one mad god who rules the sea, Poseidon, whom Odysseus has knowingly angered.
Great Lakes Pulp & Fibre, Menominee, Michigan, USA invited World Water Works to demonstrate the ability to reduce operational costs associated with two Poseidon dissolved air flotation systems (DAFs).
Recent transactions from the fund include the acquisition of the Poseidon portfolio of 230 properties across Italy from San Paolo IMI for .
Gwynedd Council's leisure officer Brian Evans yesterday said Bangor is the only facility in Wales equipped with the hi-tech Poseidon system and the incident proves it should be embraced at major pools nationwide.